We all know about the correlation between smoking cigarettes and the increased risk for certain respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, as well as for lung cancer, caused by toxic elements from the cigarette smoke – carbon monoxide, cyanide, tar, benzene and nitrogen oxide, to name only a few.

On the other hand, vapors produced by e-cigars and vape pens Denver dealers offer often include propylene glycol (an ingredient of the e-liquids), which is suspected to cause respiratory infections or eye irritations – but obviously this is nothing as bad as in the case of analog cigarettes. There are only up to 5-6 ingredients in e-liquids (besides propylene glycol, there are also glycerin, flavors and distilled water) and none of them is hidden. Nicotine is optional.

The benefits of using a personal vaporizer instead of smoking:

  • no smoke, less waste
  • no bad breath or sore throat
  • no weight gain after smoking cessation
  • better overall exercise tolerance and health
  • no passive smoking associated with it, no social stigma
  • safe to use almost anywhere

Last but not least, vape pens are considered more efficient than the other smoking replacement solutions and therapies; after all, they do behave like regular cigarettes, only without the harmful substances and effects.