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People have been enjoying smoking tobacco for thousands of years, but about 200 years ago, doctors realized how many health issues this practice may actually cause.

As a consequence, a Chinese inventor ultimately came up with an e-cigarette. It was the moment when vaping was born.

Vape pens are small vaporizers in the shape of a pen or cigarette. These devices are discreet, cheaper and easier to use than portable and desktop vaporizers, which are way more robust.

Nowadays, there is a wider and wider range of vape pens in on the Colorado market, which proves that they are still very popular and a high demand for head shops Denver hosts. This is because now not only smokers who are trying to quit regular cigarettes are using vape pens – now, more and more people are drawn to vape pens, including avid smokers who don’t actually want to quite traditional smoking, because these devices have evolved so much over time, providing options for every taste and elegant designs.

Another reason why vape pens are so popular is because the mere act of vaping is relaxing, and during these times of stress and anxiety, more people have started to turn to them to reduce stress.