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Each new technology comes with its own set of terms and definitions. Vaping is still relatively new, hence still popular among younger people.

The vaping process is intended to avoid combustion. Putting a substance on fire to access the active ingredients is the method we have been using for thousands of years. But we do not have to do that anymore, especially since the negative effects are well known.

Vaping does not produce substances known to be carcinogenic in quantities that are large enough to be considered health risks, and does not contain solid particles. Because there is no combustion involved in vaping, there is no tar or carbon monoxide. Atomizers use heat from a resistance to convert the waxes or e-liquids into an inhalable aerosol. It looks like smoke, but it is not.

Vaping has also grown in popularity with the raise of CBD products and the beneficial effects of cannabidiol treatment. The waxes and oils can be inserted in the special compartment of a vape pen and heated only so that they can release the vapors.  To stock your store shelves you will find many wholesale dispensary supplies through local suppliers.

For those who have this little pleasure, vape pens are extremely convenient accessories, because in their absence, it would be quite difficult for these people to walk around in public with a bong or a pipe. Vaporizers have been designed to be portable, which is one of the details that makes them so popular.