Smoking is bad for the health, there is no secret about it, but there is a safe alternative to get rid of this habit: using a vape pen, instead of cigarettes.

vaper pen

A vape pen doesn`t produce smoke, so there are no carcinogenic, toxic elements associated with it. Without tar, chemicals and heavy metals present in the smoke produced by traditional cigarettes, vape pens do not cause respiratory problems that may degenerate into fatal diseases. They work with dry herbs as well as with special e-liquids and waxes that contain propylene glycol, glycerin, and, optionally, nicotine that present no side-effects, except for minor throat irritation that some people occasionally reported. Many of the top Colorado distributors have a big request for them.

Recent studies also show that vape pens help smokers quit cigarettes faster than other methods, like nicotine patches.
These devices reduce the discomfort caused by traditional smoking to the non-smokers. They are comfortable and do not affect anyone who is sitting close to you. There is a certain degree of second-hand exposure to nicotine, but it proves to be insignificant and there are no other toxic substances.

The long-term effects related to using vape pens are not completely researched, considering that these devices are still new, but studies conducted so far show no increase in the apparition or the development of cancer or other diseases.