Advantages Above The Rest

Glass pipes belong to the classical hand pipes category. Since they do not require water, all you need to enjoy your selection of tobacco or herbs is a cigarette lighter! Glass pipes are portable and rather small, snapping in your pocket and being ideal for smokers who are always on the move.

Their compact form and the ease of use make them a particularly practical smoking accessory. Whether you are on a hike, in a ski lift, or relaxing at the beach or on your couch, a glass pipe is one of the best options.

Here are some of the pros:

  • Glass pipes do not heat up like pipes made from other materials
  • The tobacco aroma is not altered by anything (materials such as wood or metal provide additional flavor and some people do not enjoy it)
  • A glass pipe has character and, just like a wooden pipe, it gets more interesting as time modifies its color
  • The smoke coming out of a glass pipe is also different; there is no surplus smoke produced, which makes the glass pipe a healthier smoking accessory.
  • Glass pipes are easy to clean and maintain

Actually, the only disadvantages related to them is the price (they tend to be quite expensive) and the possibility to break them accidentally.  Find wholesale products at great prices through