Wholesale Distribution At Work

The history of commerce begins in antiquity when people used to exchanged animals or products. Later, in order to ease this trade off, people invented the money, which had the role of an intermediary. The goods begun to be traded in exchange for a sum of money, depending on how they were valued. This practice has traditionally been preserved to this day.

The idea of wholesale commerce has emerged with the first people who brought products from distant lands, sometimes even from other continents, to supply local merchants who did not have access to those sources.

In the meantime, wholesale commerce has become an important link in merchandise circulation, through which they move from industrial or agricultural manufacturers to retailers. Wholesale distribution does not end the merchandise circulation; it is only a part of it. Today, it includes all sales of goods and services to anyone who buys them in order to resell them or use them for business purposes, instead of individual interest.

A few aspects have always characterized this type of distribution:

  • Wholesalers are individuals or companies having a large financial coverage, like companies in the Denver beverage distributors industry.
  • Wholesale distribution specializes in various directions: food, industrial, construction, installation, etc.
  • Wholesalers can become direct importers in order to acquire the goods needed to supply the retail trade.