If you have a retail business or an online store and you are interested to find a wholesale candy Denver distributor or other wholesale items, this article will provide five hopefully useful tips.

There are many wholesale retailers out there, so the most important thing is to know exactly what kind of products you need. If you are not sure yet about what you are going to sell, wait until you make up your mind and, in the meanwhile, get useful information and prospect the market.

Once you have organized your business and decided about what you want to sell, here are a few ways to identify a wholesale distributor:

  1. Determine your position in the supply chain. This is extremely important, because not all wholesale retailers are the same or serve the same market. You will have to choose from manufacturers, exclusive distributors, regional distributors or jobbers.
  2. Use the internet resources. There are specialized websites and wholesale directories from where you can get localized results.
  3. Consult trade publications and subscribe to newsletters
  4. Keep an eye on events organized for retailers. Attending trade shows is a great way to meet people in your industry and make connections
  5. Last but not least, you can collaborate to brand manufacturers. Even when they do not sell wholesale, they may still be able to refer you to some wholesale retailers.