Did You Know Vape Pens Dispensary Supply Store Management

Did you know these 5 things about vape pens?

  1. Contrary to popular belief, the juice you put in your vape pen does NOT contain anti-freeze

Vape juice contains 4 main ingredients, and one of them if propylene glycol, which is scary for many people who know that this substance is also used in their car anti-freeze which is highly toxic. Before freaking out, you should know that propylene glycol is actually added in antifreeze to make it LESS toxic.


  1. Using a vape pen is not as addictive as many people think. In fact, it is less addicted than smoking traditional cigarettes, because these devices do not deliver nicotine as effectively as traditional smoking. Besides, you can always opt for a nicotine-free liquid.


  1. You save money if you replace traditional cigarettes with a vape pen. Smoking is an expensive addiction, especially if you are a pack-a-day type of smoker. If you decide to turn to a vape pen, you would spend up to 50% less money for the equivalent of 2.5 packs of cigarettes.


  1. Vape pens and related products require special disposal. Vape products are included in the category of hazardous materials; therefore, you should dispose of them safely, according to the indications on the package, and never throw them in regular trash cans or bins.  You can find supplies at a dispensary supply store and learn how to dispose of them properly.


  1. Kids who use a vape pen now will likely try regular smoking too, in the future, because it is easier for them to get hooked at an age when their brains are still in development.