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Selling products in your dispensary can get somewhat dull when you only have the same old wares and people are starting to lose interest. The following products have been on the rise regarding their popularity and are in stock at your local dispensary supply store, so it’s definitely worth looking into acquiring them for your shop:


  1. Cannabis oil is very popular these days since it can be used both for medicinal purposes and as recreation. There are many types of cannabis oil you can find and sell at your store depending on their content of THC and CBD. Be sure to check with your state’s laws and guidelines to purchase only legal cannabis oils and edibles that have low traces of THC and offer legal dosages of cannabidiol.
  2. Beauty and skin care products made with CBD are also on the rise. This is somewhat of a more unexpected category, as most people won’t think of beauty products when they think of the word “marijuana.” Nevertheless, CBD has many benefits that make it a great ingredient for beauty and skin care products, so you might want to look into that before contacting your wholesaler for a new order.
  3. Why not take a snack while you’re smoking your delectable cannabis products? Cannabis chocolates are becoming remarkably popular due to their flavor as well as their calming effect due to their content of CBD. Be careful about marketing CBD containing products, however, since you don’t want them to get into the hands of children.